Flail Collection Mowers

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Itís not just a mower, you can use it to thatch, sweep, mow, verticut and aerate.† Peruzzo is the ultimate in profession turf care equipment, offering the most complete selection of flail collection mowers in the world.

Patented sweep blades and exceptional rotor speed create suction and fine superior turf cut.

Mows and picks up grass clippings leaves, plugs and small branches.

Thatches, sweeps and verticuts in one pass with optional verticut blades installed.

Height adjustment on rear roller and front castors for anti-scalp.

Minimum maintenance and exposed grease zercs.

HD overrun clutch gearbox.

Hydraulic or hand actuated, hopper, empting direct on ground or hydraulic hopper lift on Greensweeper Pro that dumps material onto a truck or trailer up to 6 feet high or higher.

Patented Peruzzo blade system

Cut material collected as you go